Pixel Cliques

This part is also a work in progress. I know it's messy, but I will organize it when I finally have the time and skills to do so.

What is a Pixel Clique?

It's a club where everyone is given a theme (sometimes with templates) and encouraged to make pixel art around that theme. Clique is just a formal term, meaning almost everyone can join in.

How do you join?

It depends on the guidelines, the original creator will be linked in the descriptions for more info.

Can I add your pixel art to my collection

Yes you can, please leave a comment on my Letters Box or Guestbook so that I can add yours too! (Note: Host the images on your site please)

Teeny Towers

A building with residential and commercial rooms

Check out Key's Clubhouse for more information and resources to build your own room and tower

My current rooms:

My tower:

Afternoon Tea

A collection of unique tea cups made as a tribute to Teahouse MB, a retired pixel art forum

Check out Lost Letters for more information and resources to create your own teacup.

My current tea set:

My collection:


An art exchange clique that is inspired by the caboodles cases popularized in the 90s, started by Pastel Hell

Check out the clique's website to add your own objets to your cases!

my objets

collected objets